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General Questions

A short list of the most frequently asked Questions.

Who would benefit? 2018-05-22T16:56:12+00:00

Anyone who has an interest in optimum health and in the concept of getting older better. Getting older without so many aches and pains and without many of the maladies that afflict us as we age. General fitness, weight management, heart health, digestive health and reducing stress all lead to optimum health.

Why the Fusion between Science & Ayurveda? 2018-05-22T16:57:36+00:00

Western Science has provided us with technology that can analyse body condition and function and diagnose, with some accuracy any inherent health issues. We also believe in the ancient and proven ability of Eastern practices and in particular that of Ayurveda, to both treat and prevent illness.

What is the difference between BodyScience and BodyScience Plus 2018-05-22T17:20:36+00:00

BodyScience currently offers six programmes: Fitness, Weight Management, Digestive Health, Healthy Ageing, De-Stress and De -Tox. Delivered in house, these programmes include a set of tests available in the on-site clinic. A programme of diet, exercise and Ayuvedic treatments is then prescribed.

BodyScience+ requires a booking approximate 8 weeks prior to arrival, since it includes much more detailed tests, including DNA analysis, which are handled by our laboratory partners.

BodyScience+ also includes a consultation with a Harley Street ( London) Doctor – a specialist in functional medicine.

Is it possible to have an a la carte approach? 2018-05-22T17:59:38+00:00

Whilst staying at the BodyHoliday, you can at any time have a consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor who will explain both the function and benefits of the different pieces of equipment and tests. These can be taken as a package or individually and a bespoke package of treatments discussed and arranged.

Medical Data Statement 2018-05-22T18:01:15+00:00

 “The BodyHoliday has certified MD’s who consult with every BodyScience client. These consultations are done via video conferencing before the program starts. Additional calls with those MD’s are then available to the clients post-stay as part of the follow-up. All medical history and notes on the client are stored in a secure server, specifically qualified for medical data, in NY. This enables BodyScience doctors,  the client and their personal Doctor to reference the data.”

Ayurvedic Preventative Therapy at BodyHoliday St Lucia

Answers about Tests

All BodyScience programmes include a series of tests, pertinant to the programme. These tests are non invasive but allow the clinic team to assess your current state of health and prescribe diet, excercise, treatments and activity personalised to your needs. It is possible following a consultation with the BodyScience doctor to take these tests on an a la carte basis.

Ageing Well at BodyHoliday St Lucia
Inflammation 2018-05-22T17:46:44+00:00

Temperature changes in your body are associated with various health conditions.  Thermal Imaging at BodyScience using a high end infra-red imaging technique is used for capturing any disparities in the body.  This will be further analysed by our team to plan a preventative health regime during and after your holiday

Blood 2018-05-22T17:51:39+00:00

Did you know that we can analyse 130 parameters of blood without even a prick.  The results are used to interpret your biological health status and develop a  perfect preventative health management system for a health conscious you!

Minerals & Metals 2018-05-22T17:53:53+00:00

Various minerals and metal must be in balance for optimum health.  Toxic heavy metals are damaging.

Did you know that you can quickly and effectively find out your mineral and toxic heavy metal status within a few minutes while you are relaxing on your holiday.

Stress 2018-05-22T17:54:51+00:00

A non-invasive method assess your physical fitness and status of your nervous system.

The results can help to maximize your healthy holiday by developing a personalized wellness programme specifically suitable for you.

Body Composition 2018-05-22T17:55:43+00:00

Analyze your complete and accurate body composition within a few minutes, non-invasively at our BodyScience Clinic.  The results can give key indexes of your body following which our nutritionist can plan a complete nutritional and lifestyle programme specifically for you during your holiday.

Heart 2018-05-22T17:59:13+00:00

Heart Vue is a computer-based system which provides a new method for early non-invasive diagnosis of heart pathologies.

It is 50 times more advanced than a normal ECG giving you a 3D visualization of your heart within a few minutes and helps to plan a healthy heart regimen while you are on your healthy holiday.