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Project Description

There are two distinct ways to arrange a BodyScience programme.


If you have a holiday already booked with us or you have already arrived, it is a simple process to arrange a BodyScience programme.

What’s Included?

All BodyScience programmes include the following:

A personal consultation with the BodyScience Doctor. • Analysis of your personal health questionnaire. • Access to all BodyScience Testing equipment with relevant tests carried out and subsequent analysis and reporting. • Daily menus designed and prepared individually by the Ayurvedic Chef. • Each programme includes between three and seven specially chosen spa and wellness treatments tailored to your programme. • Daily personalised fitness schedule guided by BodyScience’s health and fitness specialists • A 45 minute one-to-one consultation with BodyScience’s specialist medical consultant. • Follow up consultation and lifestyle planning prior to departure.

Ayurvedic temple at BodyHoliday

BodyScience Plus

BodyScience (Plus) is an option which requires you to book several weeks prior to arrival. There is one singular difference. BodyScience plus incorporates a series of tests which we send to our laboratory partners. These include DNA analysis and will provide a more detailed assessment about you, than the tests we provide in house. Please review our Infographic.

It is just taking things one step further:

To facilitate the test process, what happens is that we send you a “box” of test equipment to your home, with full instructions. on completion of your tests, you mail the samples required to the lab and then we take things from there.

BodyScience Plus Includes all of the features of BodyScience with the addition of laboratory tests including DNA sampling which are carried out by our partner in Europe and a consultation with a leading Harley Street specialist. A questionnaire will need to be completed online at least 8 weeks prior to arrival & BodyScience test kits will sent to your home, containing the tests pertinent to your programme. A full report and analysis of tests by our lab partners is followed by further consultation and programme design prior to arrival in Saint Lucia. Finally after all the results and analysis are gathered, a Skype interview is arranged at the resort with our Harley Street specialist for further lifestyle counselling.